Term 3, Week 10


  • Please return all readers on Tuesday, as we need to ensure they are all back before the holidays for a library stocktake. The children will still have a guided reading session this week with their teacher but they will not receive a new book to take home
  • Sport
  • No library borrowing. Children will keep their books from last week at home for the holidays


  • Parish Mass Join Year One at Parish Mass on Wednesday at 9:15am


  • Last day of Term 4

Summer Uniform Option

Children may now wear their summer uniform. This is optional for the remainder of Term 3. As of Term 4, all children will wear summer uniform.


There will be no library borrowing in week 10. Children can keep their present library books until next term.

Term 3, Week 9


We are focusing on safe and caring hands at school. Such an important behaviour in life. Please have conversations with your child about this. Thank you.

Important Dates:


  • Friday 22nd September –  Last Day of Term 3


  • Monday 9 October –  First Day of Term 4
  • Friday 3rd November – Year One Excursion to Rouse Hill Farm *more details to come*
  • Friday 15th December 9.15am –   End of Year Mass and Last day of school

Afternoon Pickup Safety

Afternoon Pickup

Our main concern at all times is the safety of the children, especially at dismissal time. We ask parents not to walk to the classrooms to collect their child, rather wait at the silver seats. Please do not wait near the year one toilet block, as it can distract the children inside the classrooms and learning centre. We also kindly ask parents to not wait directly outside the hall on the concrete as this is where the carpark children gather, we suggest waiting on the grass.

A reminder that at no time are dogs permitted inside the school grounds, whether it is on a lead or being held by an adult.

Thank you for your continue cooperation