5 days of Year 1 to go! 

What a wonderful year it has been teaching your beautiful children. Each and every one of them has worked so hard and made great progress. The four teachers feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to work with such a wonderful group of children this year. Thank you so much for your support and help throughout 2017. 

Please add a plastic bag into the children school bag as we have all their book from the year to send home. We will send them home over the week.


The children’s rosary beads in 1W were sent home two weeks and two have gone home with the wrong children. Please check your child’s bag if you sent in rosary bead at the beginning of this term. We have a set of grey/charcoal rosary beads that need to be return to the correct owner and we are looking for the black, crystal like beads that are very heavy, please return them ASAP to Miss Hutchinson.

Monday 11th December –

Meet the teacher for 2018

 Thanksgiving Liturgy 11:30am (Honouring leaving staff)

Tuesday 12th December – Year 6 Graduation 6:30-8:30pm

Friday 15th December – LAST DAY OF SCHOOL for students

  • OLOR Awards Hall 9:30-11am 
  • Lunch 11:15am-12pm
  • End of Year Mass 12:30-1:30pm 
  • Year 6 Guard of Honour 1:30-2pm 


Congratulations to the 2017 Year One EMU Students who today received their certificate of completion and a beautiful handmade emu made by Mrs Bamford’s Mother.

Mrs Earl, Mrs Jeffriess, Mrs Bamford, Mrs Rodriguez and Miss Hutchinson are very proud of their achievements this year in EMU and the classroom.

Attention 1W Parents

The children’s rosary beads in 1W were sent home this week and two have gone home with the wrong children. Please check your child’s bag if you sent in rosary bead at the beginning of this term.

We have a set of grey/charcoal rosary beads that need to be return to the correct owner and we are looking for the black, crystal like beads that are very heavy, please return them ASAP to Miss Hutchinson.

Thank you for your assistance

Silent Auction


The children and teachers are very excited for the Creative Arts Expo tomorrow at OLOR. We have worked hard all year to create beautiful artworks to display for our school community. We hope to see everyone there tomorrow. Below is a flyer for the silent auction of the incredible artworks that were made by Art Club.

The students in Miss Cole’s Dance Group are to wear their sports uniform tomorrow. The rest of the students who are not performing are to wear their normal school uniform. 

We hope to see your all there


Term 4, Week 8

WEEK 8 SPORT CHANGE – Sport is on Wednesday this week. Please send your child to school in their sports uniform on Wednesday and not Tuesday

Friday Reading Groups – Please send your readers to school on Thursday as all three classes are completing a double rotation due to the creative arts expo and advent liturgy.

Library Books – All library books need to be returned on Tuesday as Mrs Walter will begin their stocktake the following week. If all books are returned by the end of week 8 Mrs Walter will  be giving each winning class lollies to congratulate their efforts in returning their books. 

Guided Readers – There will be no more guided readers sent home for the remainder of the year. This allows the teachers to follow up on missing readers as there is a fee if the reader cannot be found. ALL guided readers must be returned to the classroom teacher on the children’s reading day this week. Outstanding readers will receive a reminder note. We strongly encourage parents to visit their local library to borrow books for their children to read over the holidays. It would be great to continue their amazing reading at home. We will continue to do guided reading the classrooms for the remainder of the year.

Holidays + Absent Notes – Please let us know if you are planning to go on holiday before the end of the year so that it gives us enough time to gather your child’s belongings and send it home earlier. If you have any outstanding absent notes please send update this on the skool bag app.

David’s Place – The school is still collecting food donations for David’s Place. Thank you to all who have already donated, it is wonderful to see our school supporting those less fortunate during this time of year.

Early Years Testing will continue this week.


Did you miss the chance to view the Year Two Agile Learning Space?

This Tuesday 28th November will be the second opportunity for parents in Year One to come along and gain an understanding of agile learning. Please note it is a repeat session from the week before. We have had great reviews from parents who attended last week. If you have any questions about next year or the agile learning space we welcome you to take this opportunity to come along. Staff will be there to answer any questions you may have throughout the morning.

9:00am Introduction by staff team

9:45am Walk Through learning spaces 

10:15am Q&A Session

At the conclusion of the Creative Arts Expo we kindly ask 1W and 1B parents to take the students design and make task home when they leave. It will be much easier for parents to carry than the students as they are fragile. 1G have already taken their task home.

Have a wonderful week!

Sarah, Ros and Danielle

Attention 1B Parents

To my beautiful class,

Greetings 1B! 
As you all know, I had a BIG operation in the holidays. I’m sorry that I am not back at school yet. It’s taking me a long time to recover! 
I am missing you all so much and I can’t wait to see your smiling faces. I think of you all often and I am hoping to see you as soon as my tummy is better.
Mrs Prasnicki has told me what a wonderful class you are, and that you have been praying for me. Thank you so much! I am so proud of you all.
Could you also pray for Brody please? He has recently been diagnosed with a rare childhood condition called Perthes’ Disease. This has made our family very sad. He is getting lots of love and cuddles from us and is seeing a fantastic doctor at Westmead Hospital.
I can’t wait to see you all very soon.
Love Mrs Jeffriess xxx

Term 4, Week 7

Early Years Assessment

Over the next two weeks the K, 1 and 2 teachers will be conducting Early Years Assessments on the children. This allows us to collect further data on the children and make adjustments to the classroom teaching based on the results. The teachers who will be covering the class will continue with the same routine and teaching content.


A reminder to all students, the weather is now warming up and the policy here at OLOR is NO HAT NO PLAY. Students must remember to put their school hat in their bag every day. If you have lost or misplaced your hat, you may wear a generic cap from home for ONE WEEK ONLY until you can purchase another one from the Uniform Shop which is open every Wednesday from 8.30am—1.30pm.

We had a dozen hats as spares in the school office for emergencies which have now all gone missing. If you have one of the office hats at home, please return it ASAP. If you do not have your hat in future, students will be sent to the library for play times and kept out of the sun. We ask for parental support on this matter. Could you also please ensure that the hat you are wearing is in fact yours as there are many students missing their hats.

Excursion Photos

The second round of photos for the excursion have been posted in the tabs above. Thank you for your patience regarding the uploading of photos. As you can appreciate it takes a considerable amount of time  to download the photos and then upload large amounts onto the blog. There is still one more set of photos to upload over the coming weeks.

Important Dates

Week 7

  • Early Years Assessment testing begins
  • 20/11 Monday – 1W and 1B design and make task, please send in the required materials.
  • 21/11 Tuesday – Sport, Library (Last borrowing session for the year), Parent Information Sessions (see previous post)

Week 8

  • Early Years Assessment testing continues
  • 28/11 Tuesday – Parent Information Sessions (see previous post). Return Library books, no borrowing. NO SPORT TODAY
  • 29/11 Wednesday – SPORT is on today!
  • 1/12 Creative Arts Open Day (see previous post)

David’s Place and St Vincent de Paul Society Christmas Appeal

David’s Place provides an inner-city space where Sydney’s poor and homeless can gather to pray, receive spiritual support, attend Mass and experience acceptance, fellowship and solidarity with the wider community. “David’s Place not only offers a chance for prayer and reflection but it helps give those on the margins a sense of belonging as well as giving them much needed companionship which in turn helps develop a sense of self-worth,” says Sue Buckingham of David’s Place.

Each year, OLOR students and families are invited to generously bring in PARTY FOOD items in support of David’s Place to allow the poor and homeless to celebrate Christmas at their Christmas Day celebration. OLOR also support the St Vincent de Paul Society by donating food for their Christmas hampers. Below is a list of what the children in each grade are invited to bring in to support our friends at David’s Place and St Vincent de Paul. We are hoping for 1 item per student but welcome as many donations as possible.

  • Kindergarten Lollies and Christmas Decorations
  • Year 1            Chips and Crackers
  • Year 2            Biscuits (Sweet and Savoury)
  • Year 3            Tea, Coffee or sugar
  • Year 4            Tins of ham or fruit
  • Year 5            Christmas Puddings or Cakes
  • Year 6            Soft Drink and Fruit Juice bottles

Other food items you may like to donate to the St Vincent de Paul Christmas hampers include rice, jam, honey, vegemite, tins of vegetables (peas, potatoes, carrots and corn), gravy, pasta and Long life milk or custard.
Please ensure all food items are in date and do not expire before Christmas Day. All food items are to be packaged in sealed packets, tins, bottles or bags. We ask that each family please brings their children’s food items in a Woolworths or Coles Eco-friendly green bag if possible. Please bring in all party food items before Friday 8th December. Thank you in advance for your generosity and for sharing the love of God with those most in need.